Is‘MultiSense® Sweet Flavor’an industry game-changer?

Author: admin Source: Date: 2019-4-29 21:43:31 Popularity: 7

Sugar sweetened products have suffered from the perception that they are the cause of obesity and tooth decay & erosion. Researchers now claim that 1/3 of the consumers states that they are addicted to sugar or are concerned about sugar addiction.

The status of sugar substitute

What we are using for sugar substitute nowadays, not only artificial sweeteners such as sodium saccharin and aspartameis common, but also natural ingredient stevia is rapidly growing popular. As a leading provider of stevia to the food industry, we Niranbio wants to ensure that using naturally sourced low calorie sweetener in greater quantities in the future.

With the emergence of these sugar substitutes, companies will reduce sugar due to costs and media discussions in the future. But this change faces some major obstacles that the role of sugar within foods including sweetness, flavour perception and mouthfeel can't be affected too much.Sugar reduction without compromising the taste is the key challenge for the food & beverage industry.