The world's largest aspartame production enterprises
Brief introduction
Changzhou Guanghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Gsweet) is one of the significant global manufacturers of Aspartame and blending sweeteners in the world and has more than 10 years of experience. It was established in 2003 and locates in Chinese National pharmaceutical industrial zone approved by EPA with powerful government support and abundant resources.

Gsweet has been upgrading the technology and equipments continuously, till now we already have two GMP workshops and 10 Chinese patents. We have ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, BRC (A grade), FSSC22000 and IP Certifications. All our products meet FCC, USP/NF, EP and BP specifications, and we also hold Kosher and Halal certifications on our products.

Now we are in the process of extending our capacity up to 10.000 tons Aspartame annual, which will be produced in our brand new GMP workshop in Changzhou (China). The first 5, 000 tons/year expansion has been completed and launched in October 2013, and the second 5,000 tons/Year production capacity will be completed in 2015. This will make Gsweet one of the market leaders in Aspartame, able to produce at the highest quality standards. In addition, our integrated production of L-phenylalanine (main Aspartame raw material) makes Gsweet a secure resource of aspartame for the future.

100% quality conformity, adequate stock, shorter average lead times, pragmatic solutions for special cases, and high quality raw materials with comprehensive after-sales service, makes us strong support for our customers.